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With its four brands with distinct, complementary brand areas, Ixina, Cuisine Plus, Cuisines Références and Vanden Borre Kitchen, FBD Group (Franchise Business Division) is the first European fitted kitchen distributor franchise.

Kitchens have been enjoying popularity for the last few years. The success of TV programmes and recipe sites as well as the aim of improving the food we eat has given the French a new impulse to start cooking and improve their kitchens.
This Result: this space has become central and is today a living space in itself, becoming the centre of attention.
As a result of its unique expertise, the constant facilitation of its network, a taste for innovation and the ability to update and modernize its brands, FBD - with its brands, Ixina, Cuisine Plus, Cuisines Références and Vanden Borre Kitchen stand as a player of choice to accompany consumers at the time of their purchase. The culture of service and support, which is an integral part of the Group's DNA contributes to the development of the franchise network as well as to the satisfaction of consumers. With their complementary position, FBD Group's brands revolve around common values: proximity, transparency and trust. Each of them designs customised projects with customers, with the aim of offering them living spaces that match their image and are according to their needs (whether budget, layout, ergonomics or design).
Putting global development at the heart of its ambitions, the group is looking to expand its network to have a presence in 50 countries by 2020.