Cuisine Plus Franchise

By choosing CUISINE PLUS, an entrepreneur becomes part of the brand of local retailers for whom the relationship with the customer is above all based on the satisfaction of getting an original and unique kitchen with the best ratio quality / price / service.

Who are we?

The CUISINE PLUS brand has set its clients and their satisfaction as a priority for more than 35 years. CUISINE PLUS is the perfect brand for an entrepreneur with a feel for business and high standards when it comes to customer satisfaction. With almost 60 stores in France, KITCHEN PLUS brings the importance of the customer relationship and human emotion to the table. CUISINE PLUS is a network of extremely close franchisees who share in order to advance our brand for the best. 

In 2016 the brand launched a satisfaction survey to spotlight more than 550,000 satisfied customers. It is the living proof of the commitment of customers to the quality of our kitchens and the respect of our commitments.

Our product range

More than kitchens, Cuisine Plus offers a true state of mind through our collections:

  • Vitamins, high in colour

  • Moderns, ultra glossy 
  • Family Houses, stylish and traditional


Everyone has their look and everyone has their kitchen. A concentration of European quality and expertise. 

While some are attached to their factories, we are not tied to a specific supplier. This freedom enables us to buy the best for your advantage. This also enables us to have a broader range with multiple referenced providers. 

Our store concept

The concept of the CUISINE PLUS store is remarkable as beyond a unique emphasis on the quality of its products on display in the showroom, the company is focused on the customer and their journey through purchasing. In this way several distinctive elements such as Studio Lab, the true heart of the store, enable perfect support for our customers at each stage of their discovery of the store.

Our communications

Our presence

With more than 80 stores in France and abroad, Cuisine Plus is continuing to develop. As an FBD Group brand, the leading franchisor in the sector, CUISINE PLUS benefits from the expertise of a team of professionals who are experts in their fields.

Would you like more information?

Got questions? Please get in touch with us to arrange a meeting and to talk through your project together.