Vanden Borre Kitchen Franchise

The Vanden Borre kitchen franchise is a new brand created in Belgium as a joint venture with the FNAC-Darty group with its first store opened at the end of 2016.

Who are we?

The business was set up following FBD Group's desire to launch a new fitted kitchen brand onto the Belgian market covering the middle to high-end range along with the desire of the Vanden Borre company to strengthen its presence on the kitchen appliance market. The company was founded in 2015 and combines the expertise of 2 leading companies in their respective fields.


Vanden Borre Kitchen's values also serve franchisees:

  • Expertise
  • Transparency
  • Confidence

Our product range

With more than 1000 colours and over 320 fronts, VDBK products attract even the most demanding customers ready to invest in their kitchen with a partner they can trust. VDBK is a reference for a large range of furniture, accessories and appliances to offer a personalised solution down to the smallest of details.

VDBK combines 2 furnitures suppliers chosen for the quality of their products and services, the best appliances and technology merged with worthy materials for kitchens with character. We work with high quality suppliers to offer our clients the warmth of wood, the stability of stone, the radiance of marble and the durability of metal. 


Our store concept

Our store concept: The VDBK store concept reflects the quality and expertise of the brand. A warm welcome and product showcase is provided by the House Kitchen, which is a central point of the showroom expressing the expertise and specific characteristics of VDBK kitchens. VDBK also represents friendly spaces for dialogue and sales support which is clear, precise and complete. 

Our communications

Our presence

Since 2016, the VDBK network has opened 4 stores with 3 more openings planned for 2018. The brand knows how to expand for the best in Belgium and to become a preferred brand in this sector.

Would you like more information?

Got questions? Please get in contact with us to arrange a meeting and to talk through your project together.