Interview – Loic Paitel explains us the FBD Group strategy

Loic Paitel, appointed CEO last year, tells us about the strategy and strength of FBD Group

What is the group's strategy?
The FBD group has started on a technological and digital revolution, one unheard of in the fitted kitchen sector, in order to respond to new, increasingly connected consumer habits. FBD offers innovative online tools, such as its 3D online configurator, the 3D room in store or the CaratView application to visualize your kitchen in 3D on mobile. Alongside these innovations, FBD also develops CRM tools for its network to improve the relationship with clients at each point of contact. Lastly, the group has launched an E-commerce platform on the site,

What support do you provide for your networks?
Nearly 120 specialists work alongside our partners every day. They assist them in assembling the project, whether at the design office creating layouts or advising on financial aspects for constructing a business plan. Within store, recommendations are made by experts from each role in terms of location and communication as well as out in the field to support the sales teams on an everyday basis. The group's service support department is there to listen in terms of management and leadership, as well as to answer questions from the sales team. Finally, many training courses are set up by FBD Training Academy: a complete program to develop the skills of franchisees and of their teams.

Why join the network and choose one of FBD's brands?
Competence, support, listening, dynamism, the ability to anticipate changes in society: these are words that regularly repeat for franchisees of the group's brands when they mention the relevance of the FBD model. Whether you want to make a good investment, reveal your soul as a shopkeeper or invest with passion, FBD Group's brands all present great opportunities. The strength of our network rests on our values and human relationships created over time with our members, as well as their involvement.