1 Group, 100 jobs: Finance Manager role

A role at the core of a store's life which become part of its environment


It is difficult to define the exact position behind the title of Secretary General, because each SG gives their position different orientations and boundaries. Nevertheless, the role can be defined within the FBD group as a privileged position at the heart of the store's life cycle both relating to time and the store's environment, excluding commercial activity.

First of all this concerns time, as the Secretary General is involved in each stage of the store's life cycle:

  • From the store's creation: assistance and financial advice concerning the preparation of quotes, obtaining financing, putting the franchise contract together, the coordination of internal services for the creation and opening of the point of sale (right from the Design Office through to Communication with the product teams)
  • During operation: financial and legal monitoring, assistance with questions that arise, and issues and problems that are encountered by the franchisee or the store,

As well as this the Secretary General is responsible for the store environment, as they are a major player in three key relationships:

  • With the store/franchisee: for all the reasons given above
  • with partners: an advocate within the framework of developing new partners (bankers, accountants, brokers, geomarketing etc. ) or an analyst in following up direct or indirect partners in collaboration with General Management (banks, financiers for customer credit, customer service etc.) to provide them with information concerning our activity, our development, along with our commercial and financial performance and progress.
  • With the franchiser: exclusive point of contact for certain departments such as accounting (for billing, monitoring postponements and forecasting budgets) or the legal department (for changes in the various regulations impacting the General Conditions of Sale or the franchise contract)

In conclusion, the Secretary General role is similar to a communication junction stemming from the brand and our partners to inform franchisees and stores, or one that goes upwards to feed back from the network to the Central Office and to our partners.