1 group, 100 jobs: Product and Store Designer

I think about the space, apply a concept and follow up on site with our teams


Working in the design office is above all about being part of the design and refurbishment of our stores.

My job, as I learned as a product/space designer, is to think around a space, considering the objects to be used alongside their function and style.

Our stores need to follow the same feel and direction, although they're all different! This is why creating a design for a store and applying our concept is a new challenge every time.

The idea of my work is to end up with the best ratio between what we have (the franchise area, the architecture of the place), anticipate or improve the architectural potential as it stands and apply our brand values to this space.

What I like about my job is the diversity of work.

I deal with information that that has both objective and subjective sides. This is one of the aspects which has always drawn me towards design and architecture. I've been sketching houses and cars from a young age.

For the space, the furniture, the colours and materials which we apply start to arrange the main elements of a specific concept in their own way. I apply this concept to the interior of our stores well as to the outside as our store fronts must be visible and recognisable to customers. The idea is to associate specific requirements and brand identity and to put them across in a specific manner.

To put all of this in order, you need a creative approach. The challenge on my hands is to fit everything into a space from 80 to 600m², including kitchens, salespeople and offices! To make this happen, I take a piece of paper, imagine myself in the space and sketch what I have in my head on paper (in 2D and 3D) while keeping the requirements and overall aim of the concept in mind.

The creative phase also involves thinking up developments and adaptations for the concept.

Human relationships are central to my work all through the project. As a consultant in store, I guide our franchisees with my team towards the best solutions.

The franchisee is a privileged contact, but not our only contact. Architects,

general companies, brand ambassadors, suppliers and security services are all permanent contacts. 

Then a more specific phase starts: you need to consider all the possible technical limitations, conform to and remind others of standards, give orders and set up the workflow.

As part of my previous experience, I was also involved in the follow-up and creation of interior spaces and followed up sites for a building company. I love regaining that aspect of being in the field and going to see projects in real life.

Business trips are also an opportunity to have an office view that speeds along at 300km/h while I can take in beautiful scenery that unfolds before my eyes.

New stores are born from these many exchanges and interactions, while others find a new lease of life thanks to my role that brings ideas to life.