Open a kitchen store

Opening a kitchen store is a complex project, but as a result of the support from our networks, our experience and training, there'll be nothing to worry about.

Why join us?

Business, customer satisfaction, project management (delivery and installation), team management, marketing, products,  finance - there are so many aspects to the same business that make it so exciting. Each brand is there to accompany you in this adventure : finding your location, funding, training, and recruiting teams. 

The FBD Training Academy is the number 1 academy teaching this profession. A number of our partners do not come from a kitchen background, but thanks to our support and training, success is just around the corner. 

A dynamic market

The fitted kitchen market is a dynamic one which has seen its performance increase in recent years. Opportunities are still very promising and allow future stores to get involved in this sector with lower risk. In fact, the kitchen is one of the favourite parts of the house and cooking has become a real passion. The success of TV programmes, websites and recipes have all pushed the desire for improved culinary skills and better-equipped kitchens. 

On this market, FBD Group with its 4 brands is the number 1 European fitted kitchen franchiser. The Group's strengths and values ​​help us to support our partners and provide specific services before and after store opening. 

Our services before opening

Our support will be with you in all the aspects of your project. At each stage, our dedicated teams provide you with the required expertise and training we have which will give you all the tools you need to get started. Opening a store may seem complicated but with the help and support of our brands, it's impossible to put a foot wrong. 

Our services following opening

Our support is not limited to the Opening. We brighten up our networks throughout the year with a program of meetings, entertainment and e-learning to develop and push your working skills even further. Our teams are at your service to answer your questions, establish new projects or to guide you in improving your performance. 

Want to open a store?

Don't wait! Contact us to discuss your project and to weigh up the options together.