Open an IXINA kitchen store in Belgium, Luxembourg, or in Netherlands

The kitchen market

We know that there is a history of love between Belgians and their kitchens. With a booming market amounting to over EUR 462 billion and more than 200,000 kitchens sold every year, customised kitchens are a promising market in Belgium. Our expertise of more than 40 years and our recognition allows us to overrun Belgian borders and to be established right up to Luxembourg and in Netherlands.

Our positioning

As a leading brand in Belgium, IXINA has a reputation that works in your favour. With over 50 stores, the brand is well-known for its expertise and has become the number one choice for consumers over the years. Price transparency and brand trust have enabled this success. 40 years of experience have allowed the brand to develop and anticipate the market. Today, as a result of its leading market position and prominence, the brand is continuing development in Luxembourg and Holland.

Better adapted communication

Our presence

The IXINA network has been expanding for over 40 years, first in Belgium, then in France. The company has been developing on an international level for a long time and is also established in Luxembourg and in Netherlands. 

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