Our Commitments for 2018

Diversity and CSR

We also have the desire to be involved in CSR (Corporate and Social Responsibility).

This has let us to building a partnership with the NWT association (Neighbourhoods With Talent) which advocates equality and opportunities for the employment of young undergraduates under 30 coming from priority areas or disadvantaged social backgrounds.

We believe in the next generation, which is why we sponsor several young people whom we meet and exchange with regularly. Their successes contain a little bit of our own.

Want more details on NWT?

NWT is:

  1. More than 40,000 young people coming from priority neighbourhoods
  2. More than 10,000 mentors involved since 2006
  3. 70% of mentored young people find a job within 6 months at their competence level
  4. NWT is established in 10 regions and 4 overseas territories

NWT offers young people:

  1. Mentoring
  2. HR facilitation (coaching, work discovery programs, after work themes)
  3. Online training