Our services following opening

Because our support doesn't stop where your shop opens.  We're present throughout the whole duration of your project, at each stage for each need which you communicate to us . 


We work all year round to improve the reputation and recognition of our brands. We set up an annual action plan to promote our products, our designs and our actions for the whole year. Whether it concerns TV, radio or digital marketing, our teams do their utmost to make every marketing tool bring traffic to the store and increase the brand's recognition.

Digital transformation has led us to launch Digital Factory and CRM, required for good management of data and online visibility. Finally, beyond national marketing, our teams are also available to work with each partner on specific local communication. 

Product service

In close relation to our suppliers, the product service creates the range and the product catalogue (furniture, appliances and accessories) for each brand and negotiates prices in order to obtain the best rates. Ahead of the pack for trends, the product service follows fahions and future trends in order to provide a coherent range in terms of styles and design. 


Facilitation within the network

Each brand is animated around an action plan which lets our networks thrive and develops commerical strengths. More than just simple promotional offers, these are real challenges which are implemented with regular followup and price discounts. Facilitators are also central in our relations with each store so that we can follow the development of each one, help with management and solve different problems where they occur. 


It's important to have true moments for work and for sharing within the life of our networks. Each network is invited to participate in several meetings during the year including workshops, national conferences or regional committees. The aims for each of these meetings are varied and enable you to approach all aspects with our partners. Functioning as real tools of decision, discussion and conviviality, these meetings are priority and take place each year the life of our networks. 


Initial training is essential before opening   a shop for the uninitiated. Outside of this training, we're at your side. Our facilitators carry out regular follow-up and can help you or your teams if you need where issues or questions arise. Our facilitators should be considered as coaches as they are experts, both in the product, software and in various processes we have set up. E-learning modules have also been created to bring your initial training to life following your store opening. The proposed on offer are varied: store management, products, team management, sales techniques and also using our IT tools