Our Services before opening

Our teams work at 100% to support your store opening, Discover the services which our brands offer to help you as your project step by step.

The Finance Manager

The finance manager is a crucial element for opening your store. This is the privileged contact of our partners, managing schedules, the collaboration between various services, contracts and bank documentation. It's your first point of contact from the beginning of your project, this is the person that will handle the majority of your questions before the opening of your store. With training in Management/Law and Project Management, the finance manager will be your number one point of contact for your store opening. 

The Design Office

The design office is the service which creates the concept for each one of our brands. They work to improve the customer experience within stores with each concept studied in great detail. The design office will draw up plans for your store according to the architect's design. It adapts the concept of the brand to your local area while meeting your specific needs and requirements. The design office also takes on the planning. work for your store, putting you in contact with our entrepreneurs and managing each part of the project with constant follow-up.  

The Training

Training is a key element at FBD. Many partners are not from a fitted kitchen background, so it is essential to train them and provide rigorous follow up so that they understand the product, customer expectations and the overall aspects of store management. Supporting our partners is a key to success 

FBD Training Academy comprises:

  • 5 weeks of initial sales training where the fundamentals of the job are taught.
  • 2 weeks of immersion in a store.
  • 1 week of management training.

The Marketing

The Marketing service is there to increase your recognition and the brand awareness on a national level. The service takes care of all national campaigns that will be launched (TV, radio, catalog) as well as also local campaigns such as Opening campaigns. For each store opening project, the marketing department makes media purchasing recommendations to spread the word about the opening of your store in your catchment area. This is essential as you'll attract your first customers through these communications and you will be able to promote your knowledge and expertise through them. 


The Product service

The Product service makes specific recommendations for your area to present the full range to make our customers think big and showcase our expertise. As a cornerstone for store opening, the Product service creates the ideal showroom with you so that each kitchen lights up the imagination of all your customers. The store is your primary sales tool, it must reflect the product range we offer for each brand to a maximum and help you to sell better each day.