Our strengths

Being part of FBD Group means benefiting from the experience and strengths of a large, international group. It also means benefiting from our tools, organisation and from dedicated professionals to improve the client experience on every levels. 

Everyday support

Each day is an important step before the store opening or during operation, and our teams of professionals are present to answer any questions you could have, establish tools, processes and targets. 

We'll be with you at all stages, because your success is our primary mission, and we take the time to explain all the aspects to you, whether they are financial, communication, digital, or business issues that can affect you. It's a relationship of confidence and sharing which is established between the group, the brand and our supporters. 

Network animation

As a pillar of our support, the animation of our network works just like a dedicated coach for you. With their external point of view, they analyse and consult our partners and teams on a daily basis. This is also a favoured point of contact to discuss items to set up, whether this is in store or part of the network and the Central Office  

Dedicated professionals

Our dedicated team who are true professionals in their area will inspire you with the confidence to join us. Whatever the product, the marketing, or the animation, each service works 100% for the satisfaction of its partners. The combined services of the FBD group also make it possible to capitalise on our economy of scale and to benefit from high-end tools (CRM, Digital service and Ecommerce). 


As 85% of FBD franchisees and affiliates are from non-kitchen backgrounds, the Group has set up the FBD Training Academy, which is a unique business management training programme for kitchen specialists which is offered to franchisees and affiliates right from the start.  Training offered includes standard as well as e-learning modules and covers subjects such as store management, products, team building, sales technique and the use of digital tools.

  • 63 training sessions in 2017
  • 14 different modules
  • 557 days of training
  • 517 participants

The largest range on the market

FBD works with the largest suppliers in Europe, whether it comes to furniture, appliances, wardrobes or bathrooms. Our range of partners enables us to offer our clients a large range of products to meet all customer needs, with the result that each kitchen is unique. With over 500 kitchen models and infinite combinations with accessories, colours, appliances and worktops. 

True negotiating power

With more than 400 stores around the world in over 25 countries, FBD Group is a key player in the fitted kitchen sector. Given this, our negotiating power enables us to be ultra competitive and offer extremely good prices to our franchisees. Our teams work every day with different suppliers to get the best products at the best prices.                                                                                                                  

The most efficient factories in Europe

Linked to the number one producer in Europe, FBD Group relies on a perfect partner with:

  • 2 production sites spanning almost 250 000m²
  • 3000 kitchens produced every day
  • Deliveries in more than 80 countries, covering Europe, Asia, Africa and even America 

Extremely strong communication

Excellent communication within the Group is also a strong point for us. Our dedicated brand teams work constantly to improve the impact of our brands so that they can become market leaders. The communication media we use is as varied as our aims, covering TV, radio, leaflets, digital, catalogues and print media.

As a result of multi-brand expertise over numerous countries, and with the experience of our 400 plus stores, our market and customer knowledge enables us to be significantly more efficient and to adapt our communication methods for the better. 

Performing tools

With an ear to the ground for the market and its developments, FBD Group has started a digital revolution in the customised kitchen sector. FBD also has the desire to meet the needs of its franchisees who need to become evermore innovative in their relationship with clients and their sales methods. This digital transformation has been underpinned by the foundation of an innovation laboratory birthing ideas and innovations, the "Digital Lab " Whether Digital Factory, Ecommerce, CRM, 3D configuration or management tools, FBD sets everything up to improve the client experience and also to simplify the management of its partners . 

Discover our brands

And because our strengths are found in each of our brands, you'll quickly find one that fits you the best.

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Our values

To become the number 1 European franchiser in customised kitchens, we have to rely on solid foundations; our strengths as well as the values which will enable us to go even further.