Our Values

With our commitments, this is a true pact which we sign with you and as a result of the work of our teams, peace of mind will accompany each stage of your project.

The Human Touch

We rely on sharing ideas, teamwork, listening and close proximity to enhance our efficiency and creativity FBD is a group with a human
approach, within which teams can share and exchange to succeed together through lateral projects. Each year team cohesion is reinforced through team building, regional and national meetings as well as conferences. Each client is unique and our projects are designed according to the customer's needs,
expectations, lifestyle and budget, which is then followed down to the last detail.


We draw strength from individual desire and our collective demand to maintain a high level of service, generating added value and commercial performance. FBD has more than 40 years of experience, a period during which the group has experienced sustained growth and remarkable economic performance
thanks to each of our staff members. It is up to everyone to get involved, to invest sustainably and effectively in order to arrive at the most beautiful shared successes.

Service culture

Every day we give our customers (both consumers and franchisees) more reasons to give us their trust by providing them with new solutions and powerful tools. We offer franchisees new tools (CRM), training and exemplary support in order to continuously improve the customer relationship.


Using transparency, proximity, services, customer satisfaction and personalisation, our commercial dialogue is always customer oriented.


We are creating new models and encouraging initiatives to keep moving forward with momentum in the marketplace.

Listening to the market and its development, the FBD group has embarked on a technological and digital revolution, one previously unheard of in the fitted kitchen sector. The group's brands benefit from a continuous development of their concept, their range, their methods to remain a leading force and to meet the expectations of consumers.

The retailer spirit

We build our success alongside that of our networks through salespeople who are available, listen intently and put the customer right at the centre
of attention. With nearly 150 associates for 300 franchisees, the group listens to its network to better support each franchisee.  Whatever the brand, customers know they can rely on expertise, advice and the services of a personal contact person.

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And because our values are found in each of our brands, you'll quickly find one that fits you the best.

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Our strengths

To become the number 1 European franchiser in customised kitchens, we have to rely on solid foundations; our values as well as the strengths which will enable us to go even further.