Your career at FBD

What are you looking for?

  • A multi-brand Group experiencing rapid growth with a human size;
  • A Group which gives an important place to men and women who support this growth;
  • A Group which creates new roles each year to follow its development;
  • A Group which opens dozens of franchised stores every year both in France and abroad;
  • A Group with is not afraid of getting stuck into new projects for its development;

So don't wait it out any longer, come and see the opportunities we have for you!

Why join us?

A survey was conducted in June 2017 with our teams to get their opinion on their working conditions, their perception of the Group and its organization as well as communication and day-to-day management. The results: 

  • 94.4% of the group's employees participated in this survey;
  • 79.3% of our staff have the impression that the group is growing rapidly;
  • Over 87% of our teams are confident about the group's future;
  • More than 83% are satisfied in their work;
  • The three main sentiments attached to the group from the point of view of our teams were:                                   Engagement ; Trust ; Enjoyment.

Development and Mobility

We give an important place to the careers of our staff.

Managers are the first point of call when it comes to changing and growing their teams. You'll be in close touch with your manager all year long, particularly during two meetings which are Annual Progression Reviews and Professional Reviews which will let you summarise your skills, key successes and your professional future overall.

Every year a Careers Committee takes place, combining Managers and Human Resources to facilitate development within the company relating to opportunities and to facilitate internal  promotions and think forward to the development of the organisation.

We also invest in our Training Plan, with which we want to train as many of our employees as possible in business or continuing professsional development (Management, Communication, Time Management etc.)