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By joining the FBD Group, you'll become part of a dynamic and innovative company.The partnership we develop with our master franchisees is built on shared skills and a long-term mutual commitment to prioritise in-store customer satisfaction.

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Opening a franchise involves much more than becoming a kitchen salesperson. Opening a store is a great adventure that will radically change your life and enable you to discover new talents and develop lots of skills. If you want to grow in practical skills and knowledge through lots of training courses; if you want to join a system that places a high values on people; if you want to become your own boss while receiving guidance and assistance from experts; if you want to strive for excellence day after day, then the FBD Group is for you.  

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A dynamic market

Many households can now afford to buy a bespoke kitchen. But that's not why the market is saturated. The ever-growing demand is such that different kitchen designers can collaborate to provide a complete and diversified solution to this flourishing market. But above all, it's thanks to franchises such as ours that demand is growing in this way. Each of these master franchises is devoted to a specific clientele, and addresses their specific needs. Thanks to the FBD Group's master franchises, all customers can now afford to buy the equipment that suits them. It's these four distinct identities, each focused on a specific market, that make each of these franchises successful.