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    1. Publisher of the Site


You are currently connected to the website of the company FBD INTERNATIONAL  S.A.S. accessible at the www.fbd-group.   com.


This site is published by the FBD INTERNATIONAL  S.A.S. Company, with a capital of 50,000 Euros, registered in the Register of Trade and Companies of Bobigny under the number  410 917 439  and under the number SIRET  410  917 439 00060.


Headquarters: Roissy Pôle Aéroport CDG – 10 rue de Rome  - 95 724 Roissy CDG Cedex


Email address:


Below is  "The  Editor."


    1. Editor and Editor


Editor: Loïc PAITEL (President)  


    1. Site accommodation and maintenance


The Site is hosted and maintained by Smile Hosting - SAS with a capital of 814 314.88 euros, registered in the Register of Commerce and Companies of Nanterre under the number 378 615 363 -BP 50779 - 20 rue des Jardins 92600 Asnières-sur-Seine. Tel 01 41 40 11 00.



  1. credits


The current version of the Site was designed and developed by the Smile Agency.


  1. Terms and conditions
  1. preamble


The purpose of these General Terms of Use ('CGU') is to define the terms of access and use ofthe  website and mobile applications and the various services offered there (hereafter the "Site") published by FBD  INTERNATIONAL.


The access and use of the Site are conditional on the respect of these CGU by each Internet user browsing all or part of the Site (hereafter the "User") who is fully committed to respecting them and this, as long as he uses said Site.


If there is a disagreement with the terms of these CGU, the User must immediately stop using the Site.


  1. Access to the Site


The User can freely and freely access the Site, without registering or creating a prior account. However, the cost of accessing and using the telecommunications network remains his responsibility.



The User recognizes that he has the skills and means to access and use the Site; it acknowledges, in particular, that it has verified that the computer equipment using which it connects to the Site (computer, smartphone...)  contains no viruses and is in perfect working order.


The Site is accessible 24/7 unless a force majeure event occurs, or any other event outside the  control  of FBD INTERNATIONAL and in particular, related to technical difficulties. Moreover, for maintenance reasons,  FBD INTERNATIONAL  could interrupt access to the Site.


FBD INTERNATIONALcould not guarantee that the operation of the Site will be uninterrupted and free of errors.

FBD INTERNATIONAL is boundby an obligation of means with regard to the operation and continuity of service and is not bound by any obligation to achieve results regarding accessibility to the Site and is in no way responsible for any interruptions and consequences that may result.


FBD INTERNATIONAL  reservesthe right to  suspend, interrupt or limit, without prior notice, access to all or part of the Site, including for update operations.


The User is informed that FBD INTERNATIONAL  hasterminated  or modified the features of the services offered on the Site, at any time, without notice and without the User leaving any recourse against him  and/or cannot   claim any compensation.


FBD INTERNATIONAL cannot beheld  responsible for any harm caused by the use of the Site, regardless of the cause.


In addition, FBD INTERNATIONAL  defies  any responsibility:


-For any involuntary or non-service interruptions or facts beyondthe  control  of FBD INTERNATIONAL;  

-For the occurrence of bugs or technical incompatibilities with the User's equipment;

-For any damage resulting from a fraudulent intrusion by a third party that has resulted in a change in the information made available;

-For any damage that could be caused to the User's equipment, as a result of its access to this Site and its services, as well as the use or download of one of its elements.


  1. intellectual property


The content of the Site, its general structure, its presentation, as well as texts, photographs, animated or non-animated images, logos, graphics and/or any other component of the site are covered by intellectual property rights of which FBD INTERNATIONAL  holds.  


Any representation, imitation or reuse, total or partial, of the Site in whole or in part, by any process, for any purpose, without theprior authorization of FBD INTERNATIONAL, express andwritten, would constitute a contractual breach of the present as well as, in particular, a infringement sanctioned by French law and international treaties relating to the protection of intellectual property and/or fraudulent extraction of data repressed by Article 323-3.


For any information or request for reproduction or use of content from the Site (text, photograph, drawing, illustration, etc.), regardless of the medium, the User must send a prior request by email to the address by stating the terms "Request for permission to reproduce" in the "Object" section of thisemail  and wait for a positive response to implement the subject of his request.


However, the dissemination of information or elements of this Site for private and non-commercial use is permitted provided that the information or elements are not changed and that this dissemination remains ad hoc.


Logos and brands


The names and logos reproduced on the Site, including "FBD,"  "IXINA,""COOK PLUS," "CUISINES REFERENCES" and "VANDEN BORRE KITCHEN"    are registered names and trademarks, protected by national and international laws. The Site also includes a number of third-party-owned trademarks (e.g. those of FBD INTERNATIONAL  suppliers);  they are also protected by national and international laws.


  1. Information published on the Site
    1. Overview


In particular, the Site may offer the following content and services (likely to evolve):


  • Ane presentation of the signs belonging to the FBD INTERNATIONAL group;  
  • A presentation of the services offered by the brands of his group;  
  • A  "back"C   space offering job opportunities within the various companies of the group;  
  • Ane presentation of his latest news;
  • Contact forms to join the group as an employee or partner.
    1. responsibility


The information provided on the Site is as an indication and FBD INTERNATIONAL  could not guarantee its accuracy, accuracy, completeness and news.


FBD INTERNATIONAL makes every effort to ensure the accuracy and updating of all the information provided on the Site. However, despitethe care and diligence that  FBD INTERNATIONAL  provides  to the collection and  updating of this information,  FBD INTERNATIONAL cannot guarantee that it is complete, accurate, accurate, comprehensive and error-free.

The User is asked to check any information on the Site and notify FBD INTERNATIONAL  of any errors, omissions or inaccuracies via the form available under the "Contact" section of the Site.


In addition, FBD INTERNATIONAL     reservesthe right to correct or modify the content of the Site at any time and without notice.


Photos, images and product descriptions published on the Site are not contractual.


FBD INTERNATIONAL disclaims any responsibility for the information available on the Site and the use that may be made of the information contained on the Site or obtained in response to a question asked through this Site.


Under no circumstances have FBD INTERNATIONAL or any of its subcontractors  been held responsible for any damage of any kind, direct or indirect, that would result from the use of this Site or in connection with this Site.


    1. U-tiler bonds


The User is asked to verify any information disseminated on the Site and notify  FBD INTERNATIONAL of any errors, omissions or inaccuracies via the form available under the "Contact" section of the Site.


The User undertakes to use the Site and the services it offers in strict compliance with these CGUs, including by prohibiting any malicious and/or harmful use of the Site, by refraining from sending any mass requests or messages viathe  "Contact" section, which may have the effect of cluttering, slowing down or disrupting the operation of the Site.


  1.  Personal data protection


In order to ensure the privacy of the Site'sUsers,  FBD INTERNATIONAL iscommitted to ensuring that the collection and processing of personal data, conducted under this Site, are carried out in accordance with applicable personal data protection regulations and in particular the Computer, Files and Freedoms Act No. 78-17, known as the Computer and Freedoms Act, and the General Data Protection Regulations No. 2016/679 known as "RGPD" (the "Regulation").


Personal data collected as part of the access and use of the Site is processed in a computerized way as detailed in    FBD INTERNATIONAL's   data protection policy and  cookies policy.


  1. External links


FBD INTERNATIONAL is likely to reference other resources on the Internet on the Site and for information purposes through outgoing hyperlinks.


These hyperlinks cannot be accepted by its  responsibility. Indeed, sites directly or indirectly linked to the Site through such hyperlinks are beyond  its  control.


FBD INTERNATIONAL therefore assumes no responsibility for the information published on these sites and the hyperlinks thus provided do not imply any guarantee regarding the content of these sites.


FBD INTERNATIONAL undertakes, in case of disagreement or at the request of the operator of a referenced site, to remove the hyperlink as soon as possible. These requests should be addressed by email to the address   and mention the terms "request to remove a hyperlink" in the "object" field of the email.


Regarding the incoming hyperlinks, FBD INTERNATIONAL  allowed the establishment of a link pointing to the Site, subject to respect for the spirit of its Site, which excludes sites that disseminate information and/or content that is illegal and/or in particular controversial, political, religious, pornographic, xenophobic or which can, in general, undermine the sensitivity of Internet users.


Users who place such links to the Site agree to request permission from the Site by emailing it to the    address, specifying the terms "hyperlinks" in the "Object" section of the email.

FBD INTERNATIONAL is not liable for information contained in sites that may be linked to the  Site  by hyperlink or any other means.


  1. security


FBD INTERNATIONAL undertakes to take all necessary precautions to preserve the security of information, including preventing it from being distorted, damaged or communicated to unauthorized persons.

However, FBD INTERNATIONAL has not been responsible for and does not guarantee that the servers hosting the Site are virus-free and that files that can be downloaded to this Site or any other third-party site are free of viruses or malfunctions.


Furthermore, the User states that it is fully informed that, due to the characteristics and constraints of the Internet network, the data circulating on this network is not protected from any form of intrusion, including by means of piracy, and that it is therefore impossible to guarantee, in an absolute way, total security of the data transmitted over the network.


It is expressly recalled that the Internet is not a secure network. In these circumstances, it is up to the User to implement, under his responsibility, all useful means in order to preserve the confidentiality of the information transmitted over the Internet. FBD INTERNATIONAL   advises Users to handle their personal information with great caution, as well as to take the necessary and appropriate measures to protect their data, software and equipment, including against any intrusion by a third party as well as against any contamination by any viruses circulating on the Internet.  


  1. Use of "cookies" and statistical tools


A cookie is a small text file that does not identify the User but records information about navigating a computer on a site.


This information collected automatically includes:

  • Information about your use of the Site such as pages viewed, how long and time you log in, your IP address, and how you log in, such as the type and version of your web browser;
  • Your equipment information such as your operating system, your mobile or tablet OS, as well as the unique device ID ("UDID") and other technical identifiers.


FBD INTERNATIONAL uses different categories of "cookies" on the  Site:

  • Strictly necessary cookies (technical and functional cookies)
  • Statistical and Audience Measurement Cookies
  • Advertising cookies
  • Sharing cookies


When you access the  Site, one or more third-party cookies are likely to be placed in your computer. The purpose of these third-party cookies is to identify your interests through the products viewed on the Site and to collect browsing data in order to customize the advertising offer addressed to you outside the Site.


This is the case, for example, when sharing content on social networks (e.g. Facebook) by integrating "sharing buttons" from these social networks into the site. This may result in the use of cookies by these social networks.


FBD INTERNATIONAL informs you that we have no access and cannot exercise any control over third-party cookies.


FBD INTERNATIONAL informs you that you can refuse third-party cookies.


Finally, in general, FBD INTERNATIONAL informs  you that you can withdraw, at any time, your consent to the use of cookies issued by the Site or by third-party sites, either for all cookies or for certain categories of purposes.


You can also set up your choices, including removing cookies already installed through your browser settings:

  • For Chrome

  • For Internet Explorer

  • For Safari

  • For FireFox

For "third-party cookies," you can also deactivate them on the sites of the issuing companies.


In any event, to learn more about how to oppose cookies and to refuse and block the cookies of major advertisers, we invite you to visit the Website of the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance at


The consent obtained by FBD INTERNATIONAL from Internet users for the use of cookies has a validity period of thirteen (13) months from the filing of the cookies and may be extended by a new manifestation of the User's consent.


  1. Applicable law


These CGUs are subject to French law and the competent courts are the French courts, in their entirety.


In the event of a dispute a result of the interpretation or execution of these CGU, where the User contracts as a trader, express jurisdiction is assigned to the courts of Bobigny, notwithstanding plurality of defendants or appeal for guarantee and even for the proceedings of reference. This provision does not apply in cases of dispute with a non-trader, for which the legal rules of jurisdiction apply.


In any event, in the event of a dispute, you undertake, prior to any legal action, to contact FBD INTERNATIONAL for the purpose of finding an amicablesolution.


  1. Changes to CGUs


FBD INTERNATIONAL reserves the right to amend, at its discretion and without notice, these CGUs. In this case, the new version of the CGUs will be published immediately on the Site and any navigation on it, from the publication of the said new version of the CGUs, will be fully submitted to it.


Last updated: 04/02/2021