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This cookie policy(the  "Policy") describes how cookies that can be deposited on your equipment when you browse our website (hereafter the "Site") and how you can set up your choices.


The policy applies as long as you consult the resources available on the Site published by the company  FBD INTERNATIONAL,  SAS with a capital of 500,000.00 euros whose head office is  located Roissy Pôle Aéroport CDG – 10 rue de Rome  - 95 724 Roissy CDG Cedex, registered in the Bobigny Trade and Companies Register under the number 410 917 439.


  1. What is a cookie?


A "cookie" is a small file that does not directly identify the user but records information about browsing a computer on a site.


This information collected automatically includes:

  • Information about your use of the site such as pages viewed, how long and time you log in, your IP address, and how you log in, such as the type and version of your web browser;
  • Information about your equipment such as your operating system, your mobile or tablet OS, as well as the unique device ID ("UDID") and other technicalidentifiers.


  1. What cookies are we likely to deposit on your equipment?


Some of our cookies have the exclusive purpose of enabling or facilitating the operation of our Site and are strictly necessary to provide our online services and to secure them. These are functional technical cookies.


These cookies allow authentication and login to the Site as well as memorizing navigation elements during a session.


This allows you to be recognized as a single user so that all changes or selections you can make on a page are kept in memory from one page to another.


This allows you, for example, to view the page previously viewed by clicking on the "return" or previous page button, or not having to refill a form completely if you reload the page or make an error.


If you choose to remove or block the installation of these cookies, we inform you that some features of our Site may not work as intended and your access and use of the Site may be limited or impossible.


You can object to the processing of your personal browsing data below:

I understand that by activating this option, I will be considered as an Internet user who refuses the collection of audience measurement data.

The cookies we use for this purpose are:


Cookie name





12 months



12 months



12 months


  1. What cookies can third parties place?


Cookies are considered third parties or owners depending on whether or not they are associated with the Site domain.


When you access our Site, one or more third-party company cookies are likely to be placed in your computer.


These third-party cookies are intended to identify your interests through products viewed or purchased on the Site and to collect navigation data in order to customize the advertising offer addressed to you outside our  Site.


As such, we inform you thatcookies published by the following companies are deposited when you access our Site:


Editor's name

Reason for filing cookies

Terms of opposition


Because of the content-sharing buttons on social networks.


We inform you that we have no access and cannot exercise any control over these third-party cookies.


However, and specifically concerning social networks, we draw your attention to the fact that the presence of the sharing buttons of these social networks on our Site implies that certain data, which we do not have control, is collected and transmitted to the social networks concerned, even if you do not click these buttons and you do not have an account on these social networks.


In any event, to learn more about how to oppose cookies and to refuse and block the cookies of major advertisers, we invite you to visit the Website of the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance at


  1. How to set up your  choices


You can change your choices at any time and accept or refuse cookies via this link.


You can also set up your choices, including removing cookies already installed through your browser settings:

  • For Chrome

  • For Internet Explorer

  • For Safari

  • For FireFox


  1. How can I get more information?


If you would like more information about cookie management and your rights, you can contact us at:


Email to:


By mail to:


personal data

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The Privacy Policy was updated on November 10, 2020.