Our values

At FBD, People are a priority. Human relations, commitment, service culture, innovation and Commercial spirit are the pillars of the action of all departments, all committed to build an optimal customer experience.

Human relations

While FBD represents many values, the most important remains human relations. Our priorities are centred around the satisfaction of customers, our partners, but also of our employees, to ensure that each person enjoys optimal and fulfilling success and growth.


A service culture

As distributors, we're also very attached to the culture of service, which is at the heart of our business. Expressed in new solutions, innovative products, excellent training, transparency and a culture of customisation, this precious value makes all the difference, and has been responsible for our international success.

Sales sense

The sales sense that is such a characteristic of the Group is also a key feature of business and of the success of each client-master franchisee. Our success, and that of our networks, is built on the attentiveness, availability and proximity of the retail trader, for whom the customer is central. With nearly 150 employees for just over 400 franchisees and partners, the Group is constantly at the service of its network and is continually improving the support it provides. Whatever the brand, consumers can count on the expertise, advice and services of a single contact person.



Developing our master franchisee clients by means of the support we've given and the expertise we've gained over the past 30 years is entirely due to our commitment. Growing each brand through ensuring customer satisfaction at each store is due to the availability and quality of our products, which in turn is due to this commitment. At the FBD Group, we can proudly boast that we've created a remarkable culture of commitment and that this is one of our key values.


We invent new models and encourage initiatives to continue moving forward with agility in the market. By monitoring the market and its developments, the FBD Group has initiated a technological and digital revolution that's unprecedented in the fitted-kitchen sector. The group's brands continually develop their concept, offer and methods to ensure they remain market leaders and satisfy consumer expectations.